What Are The Most Common Complaints About Pediatricians?

Wouldn’t it be nice if taking your child to the Pediatrician was always a seamless experience? If everything was done in a timely, efficient and friendly way? If there were no insurance problems? If the appointment fits perfectly with you schedule, and the doctor always communicated in a clear and effective way?

pediatricianUnfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Parents and children sometimes came away from Pediatricians feeling frustrated, rushed and confused about medical issues at hand. In order to avoid this scenario, and make sure your visit goes as smoothly as possible, take a look at the following list of common complaints about Pediatricians.

Office not conveniently located

The office is tucked away in back alley somewhere, or the directions online were less than clear. This results in extra driving, increased stress, and even missed appointments. A pediatrician with an easy-to-find location and plenty of free parking is a huge advantage.

Office hours not compatible with busy schedule

Pediatricians who offer appointments during evenings or weekends may score huge points with some clients, who in the past have found it difficult to find a fit between their own busy schedule and the clinic’s narrow window for appointments.

Difficult to reach, no answers to routine questions

Sometimes you just need to ask a quick question about your child, but the pediatrician seems impossible to reach. You end up wasting hours of time trying to get a simple answer. If only there were a clinic out there whose doctors or nurses were available for routine questions!

Frequent disappearances

Some parents complain of frequently show up to appointments only to find the pediatrician they know mysterious absent, and replaced by a substitute doctor with whom your child is not as familiar or comfortable. What’s the point of establishing a relationship with a pediatrician if he or she is never around for your appointments?

Distant or disinterested

Given the importance and sensitivity of children’s health, it’s amazing that some patients report pediatricians who seem curt, distant or even disinterested in the chid’s health. These doctors have forgotten that a warm and friendly demeanor is near the top of every parent’s list when seeking a quality pediatrician!

Staff rushed and rude

Sure, there are other patients. But that’s no excuse to rush the appointment without taking the time to talk and listen to both child and parent. There are complaints of pediatricians who simply do not make patients feel important, and seem more concerned about moving on to the next appointment as quickly as possible.

Foggy communication

Not every doctor’s communication skills are on par with their medical expertise. Patients have reported in some cases that their pediatrician struggles to make things clear in everyday language. Needless to say, this can be a serious problem and often leads parents to seek out a different doctor.

Accepts limited number of insurance plans

Many pediatricians accept a wide array of insurance plans, yet others do not—or else their administrative team are not entirely clear with patients about which plans they do accept. This can lead to huge headaches for parents. Pediatricians should always be crystal clear about their insurance policies.

Poor coordinated care

Sometimes a child has a complicated medical situation that requires the involvement of other doctors. While many parents have positive experiences with the pediatrician’s ability to coordinate care with other professionals, this isn’t always case.

By understanding these common complaints, we hope you’ll have a clearer idea of what to look for in a quality Pediatrics practice! Please feel free to leave your questions and comments in the box below.