About Reliance Pediatrics

Why Choose Us?

We know that choosing a pediatrician is an important choice for any parent or guardian. Here are a few more reasons why families choose us:

Our patients come from all backgrounds, and we accept most medical plans. Credit card payments are also accepted.
We help you avoid frustrating situations like waiting for medical referrals, changing the name of your PCP, or paying out-of-network fees. Our staff is dedicated to making your experience a positive one, right down to the administrative details.
We know that pediatrics is more than just medical expertise. It’s a smiling face, a listening ear, and a true love for kids. Our team is absolutely committed to the health and happiness of every young patient.
With 3 convenient locations throughout Atlantic County, the quality care your child needs is always close at hand. Our staff is bilingual, evening appointments are available, and our hotline is open 24/7.

For any questions or to request an appointment at one of our 4 centers,
simply Contact Us.